About STN Journal of Sports Modelling and Trading

This is an academic focussed area of the site that will provide an outlet for the publication of original high-calibre peer-reviewed academic content from a number of highly respected academics and researchers working in sports modelling, staking and trading and related fields of study.


We welcome submissions of original academic work for consideration for publication in the journal. However, unlike all other academic journals, we will pay you for your contributions, plus copyright for your contributions remains with you, and it is also an open-access journal which means your work can be shared with a much wider audience and therefore has the potential to gain you more citations than if you published your work with a more traditional academic journal. Furthermore, by publishing here this is more likely to be seen by those interested in you and your work!

If you would like to contribute to content to the journal then please contact the Editor, Dr Alun Owen, at alun@sportstradingnetwork.com

Editorial Team


Dr. Alun Owen

Alun is Head of Mathematics and Principal Lecturer in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Worcester. He has research interests in Bayesian dynamic forecasting models with applications to forecasting football match outcomes. He has published numerous papers and articles on statistical models in football and horse racing, and has written many articles for the online betting magazine www.smartersig.com. He also has many years of practical experience of sports trading with a statistical modelling based trading service at www.systematicsoccer.com. Alun is also a member of the internal organising committee for the bi-annual MathSport International conference http://www.mathsportinternational.com/ and a founder member of the Royal Statistical Society’s Statistics in Sport Section.

Dr. James Reade

James is a Lecturer in Economics and (from October 2016) an Associate Professor at the University of Reading. His research interests are broadly in applied economics, with applications in the areas of sport and betting. James has published articles considering market efficiency in betting markets for sport and politics, discrimination, rivalry and home advantage in sporting outcomes, and also measures of competitive balance.