We are the largest and best connected network of sports trading professionals on the planet

Our aim is to improve the profitability of sports traders through our knowledge, contacts and extensive global network.

Whether you are a “sole trader”, bookmaker or an elite syndicate we want to help you grow and evolve using our knowledge, contacts and network. Our network contains a wide range of companies, groups and individuals who provide services to sports traders or have relevant knowledge to share across the four main categories below.


All traders use data; it is the cornerstone of all trading strategy. Data can be purchased, electronically scraped or gathered manually. However, it may be expensive to purchase, technically difficult to scrape and extremely costly and laborious to gather manually. Through our transparent network of contacts, Sports Trading Network can help semi-pro, pro and elite traders enhance their data sources and move to the next level of edge.


Long term value from sports trading strategies can be directly related to the level of liquidity available for individual trades. Whichever sport you specialise in and whichever book, exchange or aggregation platform you use, are you certain that you can not gain access to deeper liquidity pools elsewhere?

Are you having difficulty with closed accounts and cancelled bets? Thanks to our global reach, our network can help you find the most liquid markets to accommodate your strategies and bankroll and ensure your trades are completed more often.


Size of bankroll can have a big impact on a trader’s ability to evolve their strategy. This area is applicable to semi-pro and pro traders who may struggle to fully capitalise their strategies. When initially starting out, or in the early stages of establishing a trading venture, low levels of funding can be fatal even with the finest and most advanced models. Sports Trading Network can help you find sponsors for your strategies to help ensure profitability and investment into people and technology.


Arguably pricing is the most important aspect of maximising profit; ensuring top price execution. Imbalance of global market pricing creates a wealth of opportunities for direct or statistical arbitrage. For value strategies, the ability to trade at the highest (or lowest) price is crucial and our global network can offer access to a wealth of mainstream and obscure sources of in-play and deadball prices.