Avoiding Betfair’s premium charge

Since the introduction of the punitive charge for the most successful players globally, there are some strategies that such players can adopt to minimise their exposure to Betfair’s platform.

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Betfair is the world’s largest sports trading exchange, controlling an estimated 80%+ of exchange liquidity globally. Betfair initially introduced the Premium Charge for winning customers in 2008, to an array of criticism from their biggest winning customers. In 2011, they went further and increased the charge on profits for these customers, to 60%. In effect, this was targeted at high-end syndicates and traders as well as auto-execution algorithmic players, also known as robotic players.

Due to Betfair’s dominance as the world’s largest betting exchange, traders using any winning strategy to make consistently high profits, have no option but to accept the 60% charge. However, more and more successful football traders are looking for other strategies and platforms away from Betfair.

Asia offers a unique opportunity for winning football / soccer betting strategies, within pre-game or in-play betting. A number of Asian-facing trading platforms exist which offer better prices and liquidity with no premium charge. These can be either 1×2 or Asian Handicap lines and can be manually or electronically traded. However, many of these Asian books rely on agent accounts to gain access and for large volume trading, these bookmakers will use a credit system, rather than a more traditional European approach of cash deposit betting.

Our network includes operators based in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Manila, who are looking for winning traders in football and basketball, whether you are currently working for a bookmaker, a syndicate or from your home in your part time. These groups can offer high-speed, low latency betting platforms with better liquidity than Betfair across pre-game and in-play markets, 1×2 or Asian Hadicap.

About Brooke G

Since studying International Economics, Brooke has worked for the past twelve years within recruitment and executive search headhunting in several sectors including sports betting. Brooke has a deep interest in quantitative approaches to generating profit from sports trading and he has built an extensive network of quantitative and statistical sports traders, hedge funds, agents and sports and affiliate groups within North America, Europe and Asia.

He is the publisher of Sports Trading Network which seeks to connect the members of this network with each other.
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    15 Jun 2014

    Great. I would like to know what the Asian exchanges have to offer. I am currently In the process of potentially opening up an account at an exchange run in Singapore that offers massive liquid and runs on totalisator dividends for horse racing but runs with the Asian discount style..I’d be interested know about the sports exchanges.

    15 Jul 2014


    “A number of Asian-facing trading platforms exist which offer better prices and liquidity with no premium charge.”
    Can you at least give us a website name of one of these platform?


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