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The site is launched and we are working very hard to develop an online network for quantitative, algorithmic and professional sports traders and arbers to produce and share unique content to help drive your profitability.

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We are delighted to welcome you to the new Sports Trading Network website, thanks for visiting.

We are a dedicated publication for the professional sports trading community and we publish articles to help further the strategies of traders who are currently using, or looking to use, technology and/or statistics to beat the market.

When it comes to sport, we are agnostic; the more the merrier and the more obscure; the better.  Many of the articles will be as relevant to one sport as another, although some will be sport-specific.

The site has been segmented by skill level; Semi-Pro, Pro and Elite, the definitions of which can be found within the relevant section. This is not a site for gamblers or punters or those who rely purely on their ‘knowledge’. Nor do we provide betting tips or a forum for tipsters, even though some of them are very talented at what they do.

We hope to attract a diverse readership for the site and therefore we need to attract a diverse network of contributors. If you are interested in contributing any relevant article, then please do contact us. If you have previously written a relevant academic paper, then we would love to publish it, so please get in touch.

We are not monetizing this site with banner adverts, links or false recommendations of any particular provider or supplier. Sports Trading Network has evolved from BetRecruit and as such, we have an existing network of global sports traders, however we are not acting as a recruitment agency. We want employers looking for talented quantitative, algorithmic and IT-focussed traders and programmers to advertise their vacancies on the site (free, of course).

We have worked hard to try to produce a site that allows the content to speak for itself and for that we are very grateful to Sketch; our brilliant design agency who have worked wonders with a limited brief.

Finally, in the weeks and months following the launch of the site, we will be working hard to build out our social media and general online presence, so if you like and appreciate what you read, please do help us by sharing our site through digital media.

Thanks and happy reading!

About Brooke G

Since studying International Economics, Brooke has worked for the past twelve years within recruitment and executive search headhunting in several sectors including sports betting. Brooke has a deep interest in quantitative approaches to generating profit from sports trading and he has built an extensive network of quantitative and statistical sports traders, hedge funds, agents and sports and affiliate groups within North America, Europe and Asia.

He is the publisher of Sports Trading Network which seeks to connect the members of this network with each other.
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    7 Feb 2015

    Hi’ my name is nor, I’ve been gambling last year mainly on foot ball, I do hold a account with paddy- power.. Last year I’ve started with £5000 pounds and made it to £370.000 pounds . But unfortunately my grid took me over and i gambled all because I wanted to get to a million. I’ve started playing back in 2009 again I started with 700 pounds took it to £100,000 which was my target @ the time which I did, I spent al my money then on me , went to expensive holiday s with friends and also got married. After finishing my money started again last year again made it but just not quite, I’ve got so much knowledge and experience over the years which I would like to share with a organization such as, or even would like to work for a organization such as yours I know which I will enjoy so much. Plz do get in touch with me if you would like to hear from me , many thanks Noor’ Ahmed

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